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Nanjing China science and technology(Hereinafter referred to as the company)Is a security monitoring engineering、Network cabling engineering design、The construction、Installation services in an integrated monitoring security companies。The company since its establishment,Committed to the development of the intelligent monitoring system。 The company acting hikvision's products、At affordable price、Perfect after-sales service and professional technical level to grow。The current security industry project factory、The hotel、Small area、The bank、The school、Hospital and other industries field monitor installation project。 The company solemnly promises:Provide monitoring security products are relevant state departments detect qualified products,Refuse to use2The hand goods、Counterfeit products,Reasonable quotation。 The company adhering to the“Worship day lover,Social commitment”The management idea,In order to“Unity、Pragmatic、The heart of altruism”For the purpose,Throughout the day12Hours for customers to provide quality products and services。 >>Nanjing rui monitoring advantage 1、With industry resources1Hundred million,Monitor installation affordable service good; 2、AAACredit outstanding enterprises,The price is reasonable,Very skillful; 3、More than 10 years of security monitoring、Weak current system、Experience in network integrated wiring,Service to hundreds of companies。 4、The fire department professional authorized unit,Monitoring security certificate authority; 5、And fire departments have good relations of cooperation。 ...

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