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Zhaoyuan a bead food co., LTDFounded in1994Years,Is located in300Authentic longkou vermicelli years long history of origin“Chinese fans”“China's gold capital”“All of the hot spring”Zhaoyuan city of shandong province。

The company is a professional engaged in longkou fans、Mung bean powder、The production of sweet potato vermicelli、Processing、Sales enterprise、 Green bean powder,Dried fish powder。Have two mung bean starch extraction production line、Automatic leakage powder machine、Frozen、Drying、Molding and other advanced stainless steel production and processing equipment。The company employs800People,Production and technical personnel50People,Quality inspection、Assay...

Longkou vermicelli brand to defend the war
In recent years,Due to the economic interests of the drive,Individual individual factory owners and outside of the enterprise,All in the name of longkou vermicelli production so-called longkou vermicelli。These enterprises doping ShiJia、Real ones,Severely disrupted the market order,Damaged the images of longkou vermicelli and quality,Caused great damage to the economy of origin。To practically protect the longkou fans the world famous brand,Longkou fans of origin brand to defend the war began。
Why fans call longkou fans
“Longkou fans”Exports from longkou port outbound shipment。According to the longkou vermicelli protection rules of origin,In longkou、Zhaoyuan、Penglai、Laiyang、Laizhou production of fans,As long as it is approved by the relevant departments,And according to the longkou vermicelli national standards to produce,Longkou vermicelli quality requirements,Can be called“Longkou fans”。
13Longkou fans only3Kind of“Authentic” The original is difficult to identify
Longkou fans for its good taste become citizens shabu-shabu、In clay pot soup、Cook fans preferred,But recently the city pledges inspect bureau inspection team of geographical indication protection products found in the special inspection,The fans market more chaos,“The original”Longkou vermicelli is difficult to identify。  Yesterday morning10At the right time,Journalists to follow the city quality supervision inspection corps law enforcement personnel to hedong district within the new open a supermarket,Found a supermarket in shaoxing wine、Panjin rice products such as geographical signs posted in good condition,But the reporter sees in the fan sales counters,The counters“Longkou fans”Da13Kind of,And most of them claim to be authentic longkou fans,But the real

Address:Zhaoyuan city of shandong province town of picture ZhaoJia Village
The phone/Fax:0535-8330608
Contacts:Ji manager


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